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Rainbow Bookend - Transparent Lilac - no. 16

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Rainbow Bookend - Marble Pink

Irregular lumps of factory overproduction plastics, translated into unique and striking circular accessories

  • materials: Polyethylene factory overproduction + a colour coated steel base
  • between 2 - 4 kg a set
  • size height between 15,5 - 19,5 cm
  • size depth between 20 -25 cm
  • size width 12,5 cm (steel base)
  • All sets are numbered
  • choose the RIGHT or LEFT piece on the picture or choose them both as a set.


shapes: The studio has no influence on the colours and shapes, they depend on the overproduction and waste of the factory. They choose the best pieces and turn them into musthave products. 

marks and stains: Sometimes the plastic lumps can have some stains on the plastic from the factory, such as footprints or spots. In the transformation we will remove them as much as possible. Some stains are baked in by the heat of the plastic during the process in the factory.

discoloration: Some coloured plastics may fade slightly over time. We see this as a beauty, since the item has a life, which evolves! We have no influence on this, and do not add a chemical UV protection layer. And without this chemical layer, the item can be recycled at a plastic processing factory and be used into new products!


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